Local Proxies FAQ

Will your proxies work with Proxifier, Multilogin, etc.?

Yes, the type of proxies that we offer are fully compatible and functional with those services,
and any other service that supports IP:Port or host:port proxy format.

My software requires username:password to be put in, where can I get that info?

Usually, you can leave username:password fields empty, and most apps will still successfully establish a proxy
connection. Local Proxies (similar to the most residential proxy services on the market) offers back-connect type
service, and thus, the only form of authentication that is possible is IP whitelisting.
Authorizing your public IP should be enough to connect to your port, but if your app still requires
username:password, it is technically impossible for us to provide you with that information.

How many proxy IPs in your pool are available at any given moment?

Please, visit this page to see the number of active proxy IPs in our pool per country
for the past 24 hours https://www.localproxies.com/locations/

How many proxy IPs will I get?

Our service offers back-connect type proxies, which means that you don’t need to connect to each
individual proxy, but rather to a port on our server which is used to connect you to a specific proxy based
on your input. So, for example, after connecting to a port on our „Rotating every 10 minutes” plan,
you will be automatically connected to a new proxy every 10 minutes.

Do you limit the number of proxy IPs I can connect to or traffic etc.?

The only thing we limit is the number of concurrent threads per port:
On “Rotating every 10 minutes” plan it’s 50 threads per port, and on “Rotating every request”
the number of threads depends on the package you buy.
Also, some countries are not available on the “Rotating every request“ plan.

Do you have any country restrictions?

With our “Rotating every 10 minutes” you have access to all countries available in our pool.
However, on “Rotating every request” the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and all EU
countries are excluded. The only way to have access to the aforementioned countries would be to opt
for a package on the “Rotating every 10 minutes” plan.

What’s a thread?

Our definition of a thread is that it’s one open TCP connection. So if you have a limit of 40 threads per port
and establish 40 TCP connections, you would need to close one of them to open a new one.
Please, note that some SEO tools call one open instance of a browser as a thread, but modern
browsers tend to consume up to 30 threads per open tab, so keep that in mind.

Is it possible to increase the number of threads per port on “Rotating every 10 minutes”
from the default 50?

Yes, it is possible. Please, contact us for more information.

Can I set the custom rotation period on „Rotating every 10 minutes” plan?

Yes, you can extend the rotation period on that plan.
If you need to have a shorter rotation period, you can purchase multiple ports and this way you’ll have
2 or more proxies to have access to within the minimum rotation period.

Why would I need to purchase more than one port? What’s the benefit of purchasing
multiple ports?

Another benefit of getting more than one port is that each port has a separate control panel which enables
you to set parameters (like country/region targeting, rotation period, etc.) for each port separately.
Also, each new port has a separate limit of 50 threads.

What level of targeting can I set?

With our service you will be able to target the entire pool (country setting “ALL”), a specific country,
or a specific region of that country. For example, you can choose a specific state in the US, province in Canada,
land in Germany etc. If there are no available proxies in the chosen location, you will be connected
to the nearest available one.

How many devices can I use it on simultaneously?

We do not limit the number of IP addresses you can whitelist, nor do we limit the number of devices you can
connect to one port from, as long as the connections you make don’t exceed the allowed number
of threads per port you have.

Will I get the same IP address if I connect from different devices?

On our “Rotating every 10 minutes” plan, your IP will be the same for every device you connect from for
the duration of the period of rotation. On our “Rotating every request” plan, your IP address will
be different for every connection you make, thus resulting in each device having different IPs.

IPs from which ISPs do you have in your pool?

We offer IP addresses from all the major service providers around the world.
For example, in the US we have Verizon, Spectrum and many others. For more information,
you can contact our support team.

What is the speed of your proxies?

The final connection speed highly depends on each individual proxy and the speed of Internet connection
between you and our server. If you’re interested in getting the best speeds, I would suggest targeting
countries with a good Internet infrastructure and lots of IPs in our pool: https://www.localproxies.com/locations/

Is it possible to upgrade my subscription?

Please, contact our support team, and they’ll assist you with the upgrade.

Which version of the Internet Protocol (IP) are your proxies using, IPv6 or IPv4?

Both, but mostly IPv4.

Why am I getting „IP not changed. Please retry in a while.” message?

Our “Rotating every 10 minutes” plan was designed to let proxies rotate automatically.
The purpose of the “Change IP address now” button is to rotate your proxy in case you come
across a faulty one that won’t let you establish a connection successfully.
Thus, if it’s used more than a couple of times per hour, you get the „IP not changed.
Please retry in a while.” message.
So we would ask you to refrain from overusing this feature and let proxies change automatically.
The number of available IP changes is determined by an algorithm based on how many times have you
already clicked this button. On average, you can change IP manually about 6 times per hour.

Why was the server IP of my port changed?

Our utility called auto-balancer is used to redistribute the load on our servers by reassigning server IPs
among our users. This is necessary to ensure a decent quality of service for all of our customers.
Although the server IP in your account has been changed, your access to the old server has not been restricted,
thus you can continue using the old server IP.
However, we would kindly ask you to connect to the new one to get the best experience possible.

What is the maximum rotation period I can set with my “Rotating every 10 minutes” port?

While the rotation period parameter is not limited, each proxy in our pool has a different, unpredictable, lifespan.
So, with one proxy you can maintain a successful connection only for 10 minutes and with another
– 5 hours or more. But on average, you can get a couple of hours with most of our proxies.

Why my IP changes before the time I set/specified in the “Rotation period” parameter?

We can guarantee that our proxies will last only for the default rotation period (10 minutes).
While most of them should last longer than that, you should keep in mind that after increasing the rotation period,
some proxies will rotate before the specified time.

Do you offer weekly/daily packages?

No, we offer monthly packages only, so there is no way to purchase a package for less than 30 days.

Do you have an API?

Currently, we have API links that you can use to authorize (whitelist) new IPs and change the proxy manually. Both of the links you can find in your account on the Proxy Ports page.

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