Brand protection

Your brand is the heart of your business. Starting from the big idea, logo, brand identification, through key visuals, graphic materials, and finishing with products or services – all these elements combined together create your brand image. And that’s why it’s so important to protect it!

Local Proxies - Case of Use

Brand protection challenges

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies face the challenge of brand protection. They have to constantly guarantee the highest level of intellectual brand protection to their customers. No matter the size, the branch, the region – every business is fighting the same challenging tasks.

Local Proxies - Case of Use

How to overcome fraudsters?

Local Proxies can provide you residential IPs, so you can appear as a regular Internet user and view actual data on the website. Fraudsters might try to track your IP and send you wrong data in order to ruin a brand image, so you need to use constantly changing, new IPs that are 100% undetectable.

Local Proxies - Case of Use
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