YouTube Proxy: How to Update the Browser Configuration

Do you remember when you were in school and tried to access pages like Facebook, Myspace or YouTube and got the “Web Page Not Found” warning?

Well, do you still encounter that? Or are you in a country that does not allow you to use these websites? Well, be it any situation, you are not alone in this and there are many ways to bypass this and unblock YouTube. One way is the YouTube proxy, which can help you to get out of it.

And the reason why either students or employees are not allowed to use these websites and have to unblock the YouTube videos is for them to focus on what they are supposed to do and not just keep surfing on the Internet. But there are other reasons too. Some schools take this action where the students have to end up using the YouTube proxy because of their greed to cut off the utility bills.

These places use the Keyword filtering that filters all the words that they have asked to avoid or just block some particular URLs such as the YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and even Netflix. So, to bypass all the internet restrictions and unblock the YouTube videos and other things; you would either have to buy or subscribe to a smart DNS, VPN or use a proxy server that is non-censoring one like the YouTube Proxy Site. These things have been explained to you in details.

What a Proxy Server or a YouTube Proxy Site?

Well, the proxy server is an application that is used on the computer to work as the middle man between the Internet and the computer you are using. And what it does is get the network resources that have been requested by the user on that PC it is working on. To make it clear, imagine that you are connected to a YouTube Proxy or any Proxy server. And you send a request from your computer to the Internet to get some resource or information. This request goes to the Proxy server and it then sends the request to the Internet with another name and location.

The Internet has no idea that you are the one requesting to maybe watch the YouTube videos and gives the information back to the Proxy server. This then sends the information to you. This is how you can unblock YouTube videos and the other sites with the YouTube proxy.

Moreover, most of the web requests that go through a proxy server that you got from the YouTube Proxy site are cached or saved. This is so that the next time someone requests for the same page again, it can give it directly and faster. This is without contacting the Internet to complete the process. And this is an important part of you want to bypass the Internet restrictions that are put on your system. This is since the web police allows you to contact the Proxy server and not the restricted websites directly.

Furthermore, you would not need to worry about the fact of being caught. This is since, the proxy server uses another address and location to show that you are someone else. And the system contacting the proxy server is allowed to contact it as it is not in the restricted list. So, with the YouTube Proxy Sites and the other ones, you can easily connect to the social media sites at any time of your school time or work time. And that too without letting anyone get to know about it.

Why does anyone Use a Proxy Server to Unblock YouTube?

There are many reasons why a person would indulge into using the YouTube Proxy or any other proxy server. The main reasons have been shared below:

1. To Surf the Web anonymously – When you use a proxy server, you are contacting it and it is the one contacting the Internet. So, your IP address and location is hidden from the online spymasters. This lets you browse the web without the worry of being seen and even decrease the threats of cyber-attacks.
2. To bypass the location errors and Geo-restrictions – This is a common thing in some countries as well and that is why the YouTube proxy site can help. Moreover, the other websites like Netflix and Hulu too, get restricted. So, if you connected to the Internet using a US based proxy server, you can use it easily. This allows you to unblock YouTube videos and the other ones as well. This is sinceyou would been seen as a person surfing from the US, even if you are outside the US.
3. To increase the Speed of Browsing – You know that the web requests are saved in the cached file of the proxy server. And this means it does not have to contact the Internet and waste time to get it again. Hence, it reduces the speed of a request and gets faster over time. Hence, the YouTube Proxy is a great means for a great Internet speed.
4. To Bypass the Internet Restrictions – Most of the companies and schools use the filters to block some websites like Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, and Myspace. A YouTube proxy list can help you to unblock the YouTube videos while other proxy servers can also work the same way for all the social sites. Using this, you can view the blocked content easily without any worry of even being caught.
5. To share the Internet connection on a LAN – Yes, a proxy server does help you to share an Internet connection on the LAN. Using a proxy server on a LAN, lets a person achieve this goal easily.

YouTube Proxy List: How to configure your browsers to use Proxy server?

The first thing is that you would need to get a proxy server list from websites like the YouTube Proxy Site or any other one. Some are paid and some are free, and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. After you have got your YouTube Proxy list or any other list, you would need to setup the proxy server on your browser.

The list you have needs to be valid and the port address also needs to be in handy. Moreover, you can choose the IP of any country depending on your search needs. Choose the one that you feel is the right one for you. Make sure that one has a great speed and a good connection time. Moreover, you would also need to make sure that it is of the type http, https or socks. This is the only way you can use the right YouTube Proxy to unblock YouTube easily. After all this, you are ready to get to the next step. Each browser settings has been explained below for a good understanding.

Opera Internet Browser& the YouTube Proxy List

The steps are:

• In the Tools Menu, choose the setting option from the drop down menu.
• Scroll to the end of the window and choose the “Show Advanced Setting.”
• Go to the Network section and choose the Change Proxy Settings to make a window appear.
• Go to the Connection Tab and choose the LAN setting.
• In the window that appeared, there would be two options to choose from: Use a Proxy server for your LAN (Like the YouTube Proxy) that would be under the Proxy Server section or the check box of “Automatically detect setting” in the automatic configuration part.
• If you choose the manual method, you would have to enter the port number and the IP address of the server that is the YouTube Proxy server’s IP address that you got. This is for the client connections and an example is 80 or 8080.
• So that you have a great speed, check the box saying Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses. This would not use the YouTube proxy you just entered for the local connections (as in the websites that are not blocked).
• Then select Ok of the LAN setting box and Close the Internet Properties box of the browser.

Internet Explorer & the YouTube Proxy Site List

The steps are:

• In the Tools Menu of the browser, choose the Internet Options that comes in the Connections Tab.
• Select LAN settings and then, in the Proxy Server part, choose the check box that allows you to use the proxy server for the LAN connection.
• Then enter the port number and the proxy server address in the IP address area for the connection.
• Here too you have the option to bypass the YouTube proxy server settings for the local tasks. So, select the check box according to your needs as this can even increase your browsing speed.
• Select the Ok option in the box and then click on Ok again.

Firefox Browser Proxy Settings to Unblock YouTube

The steps are:

• In the Tools Menu, select the Advance Settings and then move to the Network Tab there.
• Go to Connection and select Settings option to open a dialog box.
• Over here you would get two options again where you have the “Manual Proxy Configuration” settings and the “Auto-Detect Proxy setting for this network”.
• Choose the Manual one and fill in the details like the IP address for the YouTube Proxy Server so that you can unblock YouTube videos.
• Fill the port number in the space given and then click on the Ok option.

Chrome Browser Proxy Settings to Unblock YouTube Videos

The steps to unblock things with the YouTube Proxy are:

• In the Tools menu, select the Setting option.
• From this, choose the advanced settings option. Then scroll to the Network section in it.
• Select the Change Proxy Setting for a dialog box to open for the further settings.
• Select the LAN settings that are at the bottom of the box where you would have two options again. One is the automatic one and the other is the manual settings for the YouTube proxy server.
• Choose the Manual configuration and then enter the IP address from the YouTube Proxy List that you have and also add in the Port Number.
• After this has been done, select OK to close the settings.


Now that you have the details of how to configure the settings on your own in your school, office or even at home, you can bypass the Internet restrictions easily. But even though we have discussed the methods, there might be slight differences due to the different versions of the browsers and the systems as well. Moreover, it is better if you have an updated browser to make the settings work.

Moreover, like the YouTube Proxy, you can also get the other proxy for the specific use if you want to use it for just one website. This would even give you better results that using a common one. Local Proxies offers every type of proxy and VPN services that are highly affordable and some are even free. Visit to get the offers today!


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