All about the Free Proxy Server explained in the best way!

Are you sure you know all about the Free Proxy server?

Well, this is to make the idea a bit clear and to give you the complete basics of the free proxy sites you are trying to access always. The best proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the Internet and the Client’s computer. This helps the client get network services that are indirect to their computer.

The free proxy server can either dwell in the person’s computer or even somewhere between the Internet’s main server and the individual’s computer. When a user requests something from the free online proxy, they would either send the responses from the cache that is saved on their server or forward the request further where the address of the client is not visible to the main server.

This is how it happens. The individual’s computer is connected to the free proxy server and requests it for the page and not the Internet. Now, the best proxy server forwards that request further with its own IP address and name, to the Internet so that the information gets back. After this, the proxy server sends the information back to the client who requested it in the first place. The requests can include files, or any resources that are available on the Internet servers.

Free Proxy Lists: Types of Proxy Servers

The free proxy servers are put in different categories as per their functionality and the purpose. The most common types of the best proxy server and their uses have been explained in details below:

Free Online Proxy: Web Proxy Server

The Web free proxy server is the most popular one in the proxy server world. The working of it is simple where it has to just respond to the client’s request by sending the cache pages of the desired URL along with the files that are there on the external web servers. With this, you can get faster access to the information that is also highly reliable. Moreover, if the requested page is not available in the cache server, it would forward the request to the external server. After the request is processed and the page has been returned to the free proxy server, it saves the copy of the cache before it sends it to the client.

Free Proxy Sites: Transparent Proxy Server

This type of the free proxy list is utilized mostly for the caching of websites. It is also used to overcome the simple IP bans for an organization, a region or even a country. But, these types of proxies do not give the user the anonymity that they need. This means that the user’s IP address would be visible to the external server where the person is trying to access information from. In simple words, the user’s IP address is exposed. The Transparent proxies are not explicitly set up on the users’ computers.

Free Proxy List: Anonymous Proxy

The Anonymous Proxy does not cover the IP address of the person trying to access some information using it. Nevertheless, they do offer sufficient anonymity to many clients, but they are very easy to detect. Hence, a person can be caught if they are into something illegal and are using this free proxy server.

Free Online Proxy: Distorting Proxy

This free proxy server basically distinguishes itself as a proxy server and then alters the headers of the HTTP to cover the real IP address.

Free Proxy Server: Tunneling Proxy

These types of proxies are proficient enough to just send the user’s requests and get the responses back without altering anything in it. They are also known as the Gateway Proxy Servers.

Best Proxy Server: Forward Proxy

This free proxy server answers the customer requests by reclaiming information from a broad range of references on the Internet. The forward Proxy is also called the Internet-facing Proxy.

Free Proxy Server: Open Proxy Server

This type of free proxy server comes under the forwarding proxy servers where anyone can easily use them. This is because they can get and return the requests from any user’s computer. There is also another part of this one called the anonymous open proxy that is used to give the user anonymity. This permits them to hide their IP address from the external servers.

Free Proxy Sites: Reverse Proxy Server

This free proxy server is also known as the surrogate. It habitually gets requests from the Internet and then passes them to the external servers. This reverse proxy sends the request to other proxy servers that can be one or many depending on the request. After this, the response is then returned to the client’s computer. In this case, the person who gets the information has not idea where did it come from.

Free Online Proxy: Where do we use a Proxy server?

What came to your mind when you read the title about the free proxy server uses? You might be close to the actual thing. Well, the best proxy server has a lot of uses. From some of the types of proxy server definition, you might have got a little idea about it. Like if the proxy server is utilized as the cache proxy server, then this would just enhance the performance of the website response time. This is because, when a person requests a page from the free proxy server, it responds faster if it has the cached document saved with it. If it does not have it, it puts forward the request to the external server and then returns the results to the user. It also saved a cached document for the future.

The free proxy server is also used as a filter, where it filters the contents of a web page. This is usually used by organizations or any company for blocking the offensive contents of the internet so that the users cannot view them easily. Since there is a growing need in almost every organization due to the excessive use of Facebook that is reducing the productivity of the company, free proxy servers are deployed in almost every company.

A few of the free proxy sites are used to reformat the web pages so that it can fit a particular collection of an audience, usually in an organization or for personal use as well. Moreover, they are also used to prevent the malware and virus attacks that come into the system through the internet. It is also used to block the hostile content that transfers across the web pages on the Internet.

And yes, what you were waiting to hear, the free proxy server is also used to view the blocked items on the Internet. These are built in with the CGI or PHP so as to achieve the proxying functionality. It is also to offer the access to that website that has been blocked by the school or the corporation proxy servers. Furthermore, the ISPs also use the free proxy servers to block the offensive contents and the computer viruses.

A free proxy server has a lot of advantages and some of them have been shared below:

The Best Proxy Serve Advantage One: Performance Improvement

As mentioned above, you might have got a clearer idea of why a proxy server has improved performance. Their speed is high as they have the cached pages saved with them for the user’s needs. Moreover, the cached page is not just taken one; it keeps updating after a set period since the web page contents can keep changing as well. This eventually does not only save a lot of time for you but also helps you to use a less amount of data to open the web page. And for an organization, this is the best thing as they would save a lot of money due to the less data usage and less time as well.

Free Proxy Online: Monitoring and Filtering User Requests

Again, this has been mentioned above that the user can use the free proxy server to filter their requests and block things on the web for the people in their network as well. All this is done with the content-filtering web proxy. This basically distinguishes the users’ level of authority over the content. This is done with the help of the user type – Administration or Guest.

This free proxy server is used in the big companies and organizations that have strict policies for the Internet usage. It is also used in many Educational Institutions as well. The features that are offered by this type of free proxy server are blocking of some particular websites, censoring objectionable content, and limiting access to some particular keywords.

Nevertheless, many free online proxy servers are utilized to detour censorship ordinances and Geo-restrictions. This is done with the advanced services that the free proxy server offers. This helps them to get the information and access resources from the locations on the web that have been blacklisted.

Free Proxy Server: Anonymous Browsing

This kind of free proxy server gives the user enough of anonymity for their activity online. It works this way that the free proxy server directs the request of the user to the remote server from where the information has to come, where it has no idea about where they claim is coming from. Here, only the proxy server has the information about the user.

In the end, the web proxy server is the one that is used the most and is used to filter the content and even for the anonymous browsing. Are you looking for a free proxy server connection? Connect with us at Local Proxies to get them. Visit us at today!


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