eBay Proxies

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between a person using the Internet and an area of the web. They are primarily concerned about creating a more private browsing experience, which is done by hiding his or her IP address from any servers on the other end.

People use eBay proxies to gain an advantage over newly-listed items by attempting to gain access before anyone else. Every time you make a request on their site, it’s redirected to one of their data servers, and you’re ISP will “ping” one of their DNS servers.

The data servers are where eBay listings are stored, and they are replicated and sent to other servers around the world. This allows it to appear on multiple eBay sites that exist in different areas around the world. You can use a proxy server to gain access to listings before the process is completed, and that can give you an advantage over everyone else.

Advantage of eBay Proxies

No one knows how or why eBay directs their search queries to specific listing servers, but if you search from many different locations, you have a better chance of hitting different servers so you can get an advantage. You want to hit as many as you can, as that will increase your chances.

By using eBay proxies, you gain an average advantage of 2-3 seconds, but this is with thousands of listings over a long period of time. In reality, you can gain an extra 5-30 seconds (depending on the listing). It doesn’t seem like much, but that little extra time can make a big difference – especially when you consider the amount of daily traffic that flows through the site.

Types of Proxy Servers

eBay Proxies

Proxy servers can have a variety of different uses, so it can have a number of implementations. Because they’re used by many Internet users, most of them are web-based. There are, however, other ways that proxy servers can be used.

Here are a few of the main types of proxy servers.

Open Proxies

Open proxies can be accessed by anyone on the web, and there are possibly “hundreds of thousands” of them out there. Their primary purpose is to hide the user’s IP address, which can help that person become anonymous while he or she is surfing the web.

Reverse Proxies

A reverse proxy appears to be a regular server, but requests are actually forwarded to other proxy servers on the network. Reverse proxies can only process requests being made to other servers in a more localized area, so they are used to restrict access to a smaller network.

Reverse proxies are also near the other servers that handle the requests, so they don’t serve a broad area. This is the opposite of a forward proxy, which can handle requests going to many different areas of the web.

Other Proxy Server Uses

While proxy servers can be used to gain an advantage on eBay listings, they can serve a variety of other functions. Many schools and government organizations will use them to filter content that they feel is inappropriate for their environment. They do this to make sure that they comply with an “acceptable use policy.”

The irony is that they can also be used to bypass these restrictions. Many college students use them to access blocked content while they’re using a university network. The same technique can be used to gain access to encrypted data.

Proxy servers can also be used to improve performance and security on a company network. Frequently accessed content can be locally stored, which can reduce stress on the upstream, and proxy servers can give companies a way to control who gets access to what while they’re on the network.

Finding a Provider of eBay Proxies

If you want to find a solid provider of eBay proxies, you have to make sure they are good quality and well-maintained. Of course, the most important concern is performance. This is a common issue with proxy servers, because there is an extra step in the data flow.

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